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People are at the heart of what we do. That's why we host a variety of events that build our community. From educational events, to social gatherings, fundraisers, calendar exhibitions and restoration work trips, there's something for everyone.

Browse through the complete listing of current events here. Or, if you are specifically interested in our volunteer work trips, be sure to check out the annual calendar and details HERE. We add events frequently so sign up for our Sagenet email updates to make sure you don't miss out on any of the fun.

Natural History Walk in the Badlands

Difficulty Rating: 1 out of 5 Due to rave reviews from last year, we're doing this trip again this year but hiking to some new spots. Join ONDA as we spend and enlightening and enjoable day with local expert Stu Garret learning about the natural landscapes in Bend's own high desert Oregon Badlands Wilderness. This is a great introduction to the natural history and conservation themes and the inhabitants (former and current) of eastern Oregon. Click HERE for additional trip details and registration links.

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Planting on South Fork Crooked River

Difficulty Rating: 2 of 5 June 5 (Friday PM) to 7 (Sunday PM) Wow, a "Double Whammy": Help restore the denuded shoreline within this protected parcel abutting the WSA, AND use your volunteer labor to help ONDA earn money for restoration projects in other parts of eastern Oregon (the landowner has agreed to pay ONDA for the value of the work done).

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Beers Made By Walking: Badlands hike with Worthy Brewing Company

Join Oregon Natural Desert Association, Beers Made By Walking, and Worthy Brewing Company for a hike in the Oregon Badlands Wilderness.

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Silvies Valley Ranch Riparian Restoration

Difficulty Rating: 2 out of 5 The 40,000 acre Silvies Valley Ranch, located in the stunning Silvies River Valley, has been a leader in eastern Oregon for private land riparian restoration. Volunteers will work together planting aspen and dogwood trees along a small mountain stream. This trip is a great opportunity to learn about riparian restoration efforts in eastern Oregon. Click HERE to see photos from last year's trips. Click HERE for additional trip details and registration links.

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Oregon Desert Trail Mixer: Matching Challenge Grand Finale

Join the Oregon Natural Desert Association and REI for the grand finale of our Oregon Desert Trail Matching Challenge.

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Pine Creek Conservation Area Barbed Wire Rodeo

Pine Creek Conservation Area Barbed Wire Rodeo Difficulty Rating: 4 of 5 June 25 (Thursday PM) to 28 (Sunday AM) During the last several years ONDA volunteers have removed and cached TONS of barbed wire fence and posts on Pine Creek Conservation Area lands that are soon to become part of the Spring Basin Wilderness. Before these lands become wilderness and while we are still able to drive a vehicle on them, volunteers will help haul caches to locations that are easily accessed by truck. Long days of hiking and hauling will do wonders for the spirit!

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Wet Meadow Restoration at Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge

Difficulty Rating 3 of 5 Restoring riparian areas, hot springs, comfortable car camping, hiking, huge potential for wildlife sightings...who wouldn't want to go on this trip to Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge? Volunteers will help to restore natural water regimes in creeks by cutting back some of the excessive junipers in the area. In time, this work will help restore wet meadows and their associated vegetation all to the benefit of species such as sage-grouse and pronghorn, the latter of which was the primary species the Refuge was designated to protect.

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Beers Made By Walking: Black Canyon hike with Deschutes Brewery

Join Oregon Natural Desert Association, Beers Made By Walking, and Deschutes Brewery for a hike in Sutton Mountain's Black Canyon.

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Geology Rocks! In Whychus Creek

Difficulty Rating: 3 out of 5 Beat the heat of summer by joining ONDA for an educational day hike down Whychus Creek to the confluence with the Deschutes River. Daniele McKay, Geology Instructor at OSU-Cascades, will be with the group to explain and answer questions about the exceptional geology the hike passes through. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn about ONDA's collaborative efforts to protect the Whychus-Deschutes area. Click HERE for additional trip details and registration links.

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Owyhee Canyonlands Monitoring Trip

Difficulty Rating: 3 out of 5 Following up on a similar trip in 2014, this year's trip will monitor ecological conditions along the West Little Owyhee River. While we hope to find an improvement in the ecological health of the riparian area, there is no doubt volunteers will find the remote beauty of the Owyhee Canyonlands unforgettable. Don't miss this opportunity to explore and help protect the fabled Owyhee Canyonlands.

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Backcountry Fence Pull at Pine Creek Conservation Area

Difficulty Rating 3 of 5 Sept. 17 (Thurs. PM) to 20 (Sunday AM) Volunteers will get trucked out "safari style" to where we can set up a base camp amongst lands where BLM and the Conservation Area are swapping property as a final step in finalizing the Wilderness designation of Spring Basin. In some cases, it is an advantage to get fence pulled quick before it becomes Wilderness, and in some cases, BLM land that comes to the Conservation Area can have fence removed since there will be no grazing.

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Backcountry Fence Mapping at Cottonwood Canyon State Park

Backcountry Fence Mapping at Cottonwood Canyon State Park Difficulty Rating: 3 of 5 September 24 (Thurs. PM) to 27 (Sunday AM) Located on the John Day River, Cottonwood Canyon State Park is Oregon's newest and second largest state park. Volunteers will help inventory remnant fence, from when this property was an active cattle ranch, for the purpose of identifying which fences to remove in order to improve wildlife habitat and the recreational experience of visitors. While ONDA volunteers work in a lot of beautiful places, the rugged beauty of this park rivals that of any other east side jewel.

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Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Save the date! Oregon Natural Desert Association is bringing the Wild & Scenic Film Festival back to Bend for two showings at the Tower Theatre. Mark your calendar and get ready to spend First Friday this October enjoying stunning imagery and inspiring conservation stories.

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Clarno Nursery Willow Harvest

Difficulty Rating: 1 out of 5 October 3 (Saturday AM/PM) Join ONDA for a laid back work trip in the beautiful John Day River country. This trip will be held at the Clarno Nursery where ONDA staff and volunteers will harvest and prep a variety of native plants that will be used in future ONDA restoration trips. A great single day outing that is critical to the success of many other restoration trips!

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Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Fence Repair

Difficulty Rating: 2 out of 5 Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is a unique area that protects thousands of acres of globally critical habitat particularly for birds. A simple wire fence is the only physical barrier to keep detrimental impacts from entering the Refuge and ONDA volunteers are going to ensure that fence is in working order. Join us as we camp, hike, restore and explore this incredible wildlife refuge.

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Major Restoration Planting on South Fork Crooked River

Difficulty Rating: 3 of 5 October 20 (Thurs. PM) to 25 (Sunday PM) ONDA will be engaging in a major replanting project looking to fundamentally and dramatically improve the habitat along the South Fork of the Crooked river. This year alone we aim to get more than 6,000 native plants into the ground, do seedings and remove juniper. And this is just the start! And to top it off, the landowner will be donating to ONDA the equivalent value of the work done: so your work not only accomplishes something lasting and important that day, but then goes on to fund other important, lasting work elsewhere in eastern Oregon. We'll need "all hands on deck" for this one.

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