How to Talk to Your Friends about Public Lands

Now more than ever, we need everyone who loves public lands to speak up for them, or we risk losing these places.

Many people simply don’t realize that the places they enjoy hiking, biking, and rafting through are threatened. And those of us who are concerned about the future of our public lands don’t always know where to start when it comes to talking with friends or family about the need to take action for our lands.

For Jeremy Fox, it was as simple as throwing a backyard barbecue through ONDA’s new Public Land Leaders program.

Fox, who works as an instructor for Oregon Adaptive Sports and a naturalist guide for Wanderlust Tours, is no stranger to introducing people to recreational opportunities on public lands. And, though he’d talked informally with his friends about threats to public lands before, he said, “It was new to host an event with advocacy being the main theme.”

Fox is one of dozens of people who’ve signed up with ONDA to be a Public Land Leader. ONDA designed this program to make it simple and fun for people to talk with their friends and family about public lands in Oregon’s high desert and to encourage others to speak up for our lands.

Throwing a get-together is one of the activities that leaders can participate in, and ONDA will even cover the costs of your get-together to help make the program affordable for everyone.