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Get into the Fremont

We hear a common refrain from people when they get back from a trip in the Fremont:  “I wish I’d gone hiking in the Fremont years ago! If only I’d known about it!” If you’re not familiar with the wonders of the Fremont, please allow us to introduce you! Here are our best tips...

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In Search of the
Elusive Long-nosed Snake

UPDATE: Long-nosed snakes confirmed in the Owyhee! On August 19, 2018, ONDA shared this blog article about the possibility of Long-nosed Snakes in southeastern Oregon, requesting documenting photos of sightings which brought astonishingly quick results. To be exact, the very next day after that plea was posted! Herpetologist Alison Davis Rabosky emailed me several...

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Meet Mac Lacy

ONDA has protected millions of acres of public land throughout Oregon as a result of winning or successfully settling more than 85 percent of our federal actions since 2001. We hope this Q&A helps you get to know Mac Lacy, our senior attorney, and to understand the important role he plays at ONDA. You’ll even...

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