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ONDA’s Wild Desert Calendar spurred Mark Darnell to visit Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs) throughout Oregon on the hunt for his own high desert images. Mark takes us through his adventures visiting lesser-know WSAs and shares how that journey became so much bigger than what he had expected. Story and images by Mark Darnell The hunting...

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Oregon: The Beaver State

You may have heard Oregon referred to as the “Beaver State.” The American Beaver, Castor canadensis, is Oregon’s official state animal and the Oregon State University mascot. And, there is an unincorporated community in Oregon called Beaver. What’s the story behind Oregon’s identification with this huge rodent? The beaver’s range encompasses all but one...

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Best Bets for Fall

As the days cool down and our thoughts turn to cozy campfires and the first few flakes of snow, Oregon Desert Trail Coordinator Renee Patrick has rounded up a few best bets for experiencing Oregon’s high desert in fall 2018. Remember, Oregon’s high desert is a dynamic place, so, as always, check current conditions...

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How to find a hot spring in the dark

ONDA’s Owyhee Canyonlands Coordinator Corie Harlan shares a lesson learned from a particularly epic trip into the Owyhee. Three hours into our drive to Oregon’s Owyhee Canyonlands, the AC quit working and I had a sinking feeling I’d forgotten my hiking boots – but there was no time to worry about any of that....

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Bikepacking the Steens Loop

If you’ve ever dreamed of a desert bike trip circling Steens Mountain, this post from Central Oregon Wheelers members Ben Groeneveld and Kevin Briggs won’t do anything to dissuade you.

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