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Three Tiny Creatures
of Oregon’s High Desert

Racing pronghorn. Soaring golden eagles. Charging salmon. Oregon’s high desert pulses with the movement of these great creatures, but it’s good to remember that the desert’s iconic animals, birds and fish are no more vital to this ecosystem than any other species. They’re just easier to see. In fact, the little guys that live in the...

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A Wilderness Inventory

The fate of more than three million acres in the Greater Hart-Sheldon will be determined in 2020, as the Lakeview District of the Bureau of Land Management considers how they will manage resources in this landscape. Public comments will be accepted for a short period of time once their draft management plan is release....

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If you read part one of Mark’s journey, you will recall his original plan to spend two months in the spring visiting lesser-known wilderness study areas (WSAs) and to bring back pictures for possible publication in ONDA’s upcoming Wild Desert Calendar. Although his aim was to photograph these areas, his mission turned in to something unexpected, much...

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