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Facing Climate Change Head On

Earlier this summer, we sat down for a conversation with Tia Hatton, just as she was wrapping up her service as a Wildlands Intern for Oregon Natural Desert Association. Tia is one of the co-plaintiffs in Juliana v. the United States, the landmark lawsuit filed by 21 youth plaintiffs which asserts that the government’s...

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Meet Felice Kelly

Passionate desert advocate Since moving to Oregon in 2016, Felice Kelly discovered Oregon’s dry side and was immediately inspired, saying, “Once I made it out to the high desert, I knew that I wanted to play a part in the conservation of the landscape.” She savors the moments after crossing the Cascade Mountains from...

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Get to Know the Owyhee River

One of Oregon’s 58 officially designated Wild and Scenic Rivers. Located in southeastern Oregon and reaching across the corner of Idaho to its headwaters in northeastern Nevada, 35 percent of the Owyhee River within Oregon has been classified as “Wild and Scenic” for its recreational, wildlife, geologic and cultural values. Cutting through benches of...

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Autumn – The Best Time to Visit Oregon’s Desert?

Spring, summer and winter are all strong contenders, but there’s mounting evidence that autumn could be the very best season to visit Oregon’s high desert. Consider … Temperature – Daytime highs are in the 70s, not the dripping-brow 90s and nighttime lows are in the lovely-for- sleeping 30s, not the teens. Color – Yes,...

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