5 Unique Ways to Give

An inky night sky studded with endless stars. Quirky sage-grouse dancing at dawn. A soothing soak in a peaceful hot spring. Discovering delicate desert blooms. Spotting soaring migratory birds.

That’s my personal top five list of desert wonders. What’s yours?

Your list of reasons to love Oregon’s desert may be different than mine, but I think we can agree that spending time in this place offers an inspiring experience unlike any other. Did you know that there are almost as many ways to support conservation as there are reasons to love Oregon’s desert?

To make your giving as seamless as possible this year, I’ve compiled a list of five ways to support desert conservation that you may not have considered just yet.

Let’s get creative this fall and make sure places like Steens Mountain, the Owyhee Canyonlands, and Sutton Mountain gain and sustain the protection they so richly deserve.


Mary McCord, ONDA Volunteer

Mary McCord, ONDA Volunteer

“I find enjoyment in the peaceful wide open spaces, geology, and rich history of Oregon’s high desert,” says Mary. Reflecting on volunteering, she continues, “If you have the ability and desire, it’s important to do something to contribute. It doesn’t have to be big, because every little bit helps.”


Elisa Cheng, member since 2013

Elisa Cheng, member since 2013

“ONDA stewardship trips inspire me. I get to learn new things and see new places, and in the process perform important work that improves the wildlife habitat.”


Sarah Graham, Sage Society Member

Sarah Graham, Sage Society Member

“I contribute to ONDA monthly because it adds up to a larger annual gift than what I’d be able to comfortably afford if I were to do a simple one-time donation annually. I’m able to give more to ONDA this way and have greater impact which is important to me, and my dog Polly.”

Michelle Alvarado   Website

1. Claim a match from your employer

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, please ask your employer. The impact of your gift to ONDA could be doubled or even tripled.

2. Make a monthly gift via bank transfer

You’ve probably heard of monthly giving and know setting up a monthly gift is one of the best ways to sustain high desert conservation year-round. But did you know setting up or converting your monthly gift to a bank transfer means you never have to worry about credit card expiration dates and you avoid processing fees? Selecting “eCheck” on our donation form will provide all the prompts. Or, go to ONDA.org/givemonthly.

3. Donate stock

Giving appreciated stock to Oregon Natural Desert Association is a relatively simple process with some advantages over giving cash. Your gift avoids capital gains tax, and you gain a charitable deduction. And, you may be able to make a larger gift in support of critical high desert conservation needs than you ever thought possible. ONDA has an account ready to receive your donation of stock, and our staff is available to help.

4. Make an IRA Distribution

This one’s for all ONDA supporters age 70 ½ or older. At this age, you must begin taking required minimum distributions if you have a traditional IRA, even if you don’t want or need the money. Instead of taking a disbursement and paying taxes on these funds, a Qualified Charitable Distribution from your IRA is worth considering. To realize the tax savings, funds must be directly transferred from the IRA custodian to ONDA, an eligible 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

5. Make a Legacy Gift

Legacy gifts are about planning for the future – your future and the future of Oregon’s wild desert lands, waterways and wildlife. Leaving a legacy for Oregon’s desert wildlands is surprisingly simple and accessible to most people. Learn about including ONDA in your will or naming ONDA as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement account.


Thank you for all you do to care for and conserve Oregon high desert. Because of you, Oregon’s high desert is wild, vibrant, and brimming with opportunities to inspire and explore, now and always.