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Six Unique Ways to Give

An inky night sky studded with endless stars. Quirky sage-grouse dancing at dawn. A soothing soak in a peaceful hot spring. Discovering delicate desert blooms. Spotting soaring migratory birds. Sage-green vistas that stretch out for miles and miles.  Scenes like these – which you can see in the photos below – are just a...

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Species Spotlight – Pronghorn

A long list of charismatic animals inhabits Oregon’s high desert. Species such as the Greater Sage-grouse, bighorn sheep, cougars, burrowing owls and even the occasional black bear or wandering moose (okay, just one moose), can all be found exploring the characteristic rimrock, sagebrush, and open spaces of the state’s eastern half. In fact, many...

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Please use Caution on that
Oregon Desert Trail Adventure

Please use caution with any Oregon Desert Trail plans due to COVID 19.  Last updated on February 1, 2021. Oregon cases of COVID-19 are still high in 2021, and even though vaccines are making their way to our communities, we continue to advise everyone to follow the state’s guidelines, which include wearing a mask...

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