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Signs of Fall

Autumn is a time of transition in Oregon’s high desert. The cooler days and cooler nights bring a wave of red and yellow hues into this generally sage-green and dusky golden brown plantlife, and everything from butterflies to elk is on the move. Read on for more of the cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena...

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Species Spotlight:
Quaking Aspen

by LeeAnn Kriegh The day I fell in love with Central Oregon, I woke to the sound of a quaking aspen’s leaves rustling outside my bedroom window. A breeze was stirring, and I looked out to see the leaves flashing green-silver against the white of the trunk and the blue of a cloudless sky....

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What Wild & Scenic
Looks Like

Did you know that, in addition to rivers, the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act can also protect creeks, streams and lakes?  Wild and Scenic desert waters take many forms and every drop of desert water plays an important role in the desert ecosystem. From mighty salmon-bearing rivers, like the North Fork John Day, to...

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