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Meet Joanna Zhang

A Conservation Leader in the Making Please allow us to introduce our newest staff member, Joanna Zhang, who will be serving as our Conservation Fellow for the next two years. She’ll focus on propelling our efforts to protect the Owyhee Canyonlands and see desert rivers designated as Wild & Scenic Rivers. As an ecology...

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Conserving Your Connection

“One of my biggest personal feelings of loss for this terrible pandemic is that I had to give up these ONDA field trips.” When ONDA had to cancel our field-based stewardship trips and community get-togethers as a result of COVID-19, we expected people to be disappointed. After all, we were, too. What surprised us...

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Signs of Winter

by Scott Bowler Winter may seem harsh, and it is indeed a difficult time to live outdoors, but remember that snow on the ground is actually good insulation. It blocks the wind, thus protecting animals from the most serious cold, and keeping temperatures warm enough underneath to allow activity much of the winter. Many...

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