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A Look Back at the
2021 High Desert Speaker Series

Author: Caelin Weiss  |  Published: April 28, 2021  |  Category: Look Back Each spring, ONDA presents the High Desert Speaker Series to share knowledge about intriguing aspects of high desert culture, science and recreation. It’s our hope that these events renew our collective appreciation of the lands, waterways, wildlife and people of the region...

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My Desert Adventure:
Bikepacking in the Owyhee

Author: Ben Groeneveld & Kevin Briggs  |  Published: April 16, 2021  |  Category: Where-To; Profile  “Where’s all your food?” the concerned sheriff asked, as he examined my packed bike near the North Fork. When you see a touring bike in the remote Owhyees, you will stop for a chat. A driver engaging a cyclist...

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Meet Three Healthcare Professionals
Dedicated to the Desert

Author: Caelin Weiss |  Published: April 14, 2021  |  Category: Profile As we are all more acutely aware than ever, healthcare professionals and other frontline and essential workers play an immeasurable role in the wellbeing of our communities. We spoke with three ONDA members who are healthcare providers about what inspires them to support...

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Meet Four of ONDA’s
Members in the Sciences

Author: Hana Sant |  Published: April 5, 2021  |  Category: Profile ONDA’s members come to us from a wide range of backgrounds, each with a unique path that has led them to an enduring love of Oregon’s desert. Here, we’re highlighting four members whose work in the sciences has proved to be a source...

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My Desert Adventure: Paddling Oregon’s Grand Canyon

Author: Ajay Sapre  |  Published: April 2, 2021  |  Category: Profile A Portlander comes to understand that a trip down the Owyhee is about more than chasing rapids — it’s about experiencing the landscape itself. After moving to Oregon in 2016, I focused most of my paddling on rivers close to my home in Portland....

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Letter to the Editor: Not like the other birds

We received a curious letter recently and wanted to share it with our desert conservation community.  Dear Human News Media, April has arrived and I am cringing because I know what’s coming.  You’ll describe me as a “chicken-sized bird” or even worse, a “football-sized bird,” share a video of my mating dance, and move...

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