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Volunteers are the heart of our efforts

Opportunities to volunteer with ONDA include desert restoration field trips to remove fence, plant trees, inventory wilderness, help out at events, and a variety of office work.

Over the course of 25 years, hard-working ONDA volunteers have planted thousands of trees, restored dozens of miles of streams, decommissioned old roads and removed enough barbed wire to stretch from one end of Oregon to the other. They've also toiled endlessly in our offices, written letters, attended meetings and events, all toward one goal: giving our deserts a voice.

Volunteers pulling Fence
Pulling Fence in the John Day.
Photo: Marilyn Miller

Every year, ONDA offers dozens of volunteer trips into some of the most scenic and sensitive landscapes in Oregon's high desert. With activities including pulling out barbed wire fence, planting trees, surveying potential wilderness areas and monitoring sage grouse breeding grounds, there is an ONDA trip fit for desert lovers of all abilities and ages.  Best of all, most trips are FREE, so join ONDA today to get in on the fun!

Pronghorn Family, Greg Burke
Pronghorn antelope are the fastest land mammal in North America. They thrive in the Greater Hart-Sheldon Region.
Photo: Greg Burke
Improving habitat for wildlife! One way we do this is by removing obsolete barbed-wire from our public lands. This is critical to restoring habitat for native species like the sage grouse and pronghorn. For example, the pronghorn antelope is North America’s fastest land mammal. Approaching speeds of 60 miles per hour, an unseen fence can be a rude awakening and is one contributing factor to the long-term decline in pronghorn populations across the West. Learn more about all our stewardship and restoration projects HERE. Take a look at our current calendar of volunteer work trips HERE.

Office and event volunteers are the best! We also need volunteers to help out in our Bend and Portland offices with a variety of administrative tasks and to assist with our annual calendar of outreach events. Helping ONDA to broaden our scope through these activities is vital to our success. Support Oregon's deserts with a gift of time. To get involved, fill out our volunteer info form and contact us today for current opportunities.

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