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Livestock Grazing Retired on 3,000 acres near the Oregon Badlands

Bend, OR Sep 28, 2010

The Oregon Natural Desert Association (ONDA) has worked with a local rancher to complete the voluntary retirement of a grazing permit near the Oregon Badlands Wilderness.   The permit, known as the Lynch Allotment, covers 2,971 acres of public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  ONDA was approached by the rancher to retire the grazing permit and a couple ONDA members stepped forward with the funding necessary to make the retirement possible.

The Lynch Allotment is part of the Juniper Woodlands Special Management Area located adjacent to the Oregon Badlands Wilderness and contains important habitat for deer, elk and other wildlife. The area is also home to old-growth junipers and is popular with local hikers and equestrians.  Such values have historically created conflict with livestock grazing and these conflicts ultimately contributed to the rancher’s interest in retiring the permit.

The BLM, pursuant to the Upper Deschutes Resource Management Plan adopted in 2005, does not need to go through an extensive process to authorize the retirement of certain grazing permits like the Lynch Allotment which are known to have limited demand and significant social and environmental conflicts.   Retirement of the permit was also unanimously supported by the  Deschutes County Commission and several neighboring landowners.

In the coming months, ONDA will be working with volunteers and the Bureau of Land Management to remove any unnecessary fences or range developments and monitor the area.  Brent Fenty, the Executive Director of ONDA, stated that “this is a great example of how voluntary grazing permit retirement can work.  The retirement is good for the rancher, good for the public, good for wildlife, and good for the land.”


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