Public Land Leaders

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Our Public Land Leaders program makes it simple and fun for you to talk with your friends and family about public lands in Oregon’s high desert and encourage others to speak up for our land. By becoming a Public Land Leader in your community, you can help grow the chorus of voices speaking up on behalf of our public lands.




Badgers are generally nocturnal, but, in remote areas with no human encroachment, they are routinely observed foraging during the day. They prefer open areas with grasslands, which can include parklands, farms, and treeless areas with crumbly soil and a supply of rodent prey.

Badgers are born blind, furred, and helpless. Their eyes open at four to six weeks.

Latin name: Taxidea taxus


Cottonwood Canyon Riparian Soundscape

Cottonwood Canyon Riparian Soundscape


Helen Harbin, ONDA Board Member

Helen Harbin, ONDA Board Member

“I connect with Oregon’s high desert through my feet, my eyes, my sense of smell, and all the things I hear. Getting out there is a whole body experience.” Supporting ONDA, Helen says, not only connects her with wild landscapes, but is also a good investment. “I felt like if I gave them $20, they might squeeze $23 out of it.”

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Let us make leading easy

You don’t need to be an expert to lead a discussion about public lands, and you don’t need to stress about the planning.

We’ll send you a helpful checklist of the steps to hosting a get-together with friends.

To thank you for your leadership, we will even cover the cost of your first get-together! You read that right—you get your friends together to talk about public lands, and the food and drinks are on us!

Our toolkit includes postcards and letter writing worksheets, several copies of our guide to public lands in Oregon’s high desert and a handbook with a framework for leading a fun and productive discussion about public lands.

Download the handbook now.