Let’s Make a Plan for Hart Mountain

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Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge is a national treasure. With some of the best sagebrush habitat in the West, this refuge is critical to conserving sage-grouse, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, songbirds and more.

The refuge’s current management plan is 27 years old, almost twice the age recommended in law. To be sure, the current plan has been essential to the conservation and restoration of refuge resources, but the world has changed since 1994. With climate change, fire, invasive species, and increasing visitation, as well as advances in scientific management, it’s time to update the refuge’s plan for the 21st century.

We’re urging decision-makers to support the refuge to get started on a new plan, and they need to know there’s public interest and support for planning and management at Hart Mountain. Here is our letter. Please sign in below to add your signature today.