Restore balance to southeastern Oregon’s public lands

Greg Burke

Now is the time to ensure conservation is part of how Oregon’s high desert public lands are managed.

Join ONDA in calling on the Biden administration and key officials at the Department of the Interior and Bureau of Land Management to fix the Southeastern Oregon Resource Management Plan and balance multiple uses with conservation and climate resiliency on our high desert public lands.

The Trump administration treated our nation’s public lands and waters as a special interest playground — prioritizing resource extraction, disregarding wildlife, threatening wild places, and zeroing out conservation management.

In Oregon, the Bureau of Land Management released the Southeastern Oregon Resource Management Plan that jeopardizes some of our most treasured landscapes and rejects decades of progress in public land management. This plan must be a priority for the new administration to review — and build back better.

It’s time to fix this plan and protect our public lands. Read the letter here. Then add your name. 


Tim Neville, journalist

Tim Neville, journalist

“Oregon’s Owyhee reminds me a lot of Southern Utah’s red rock country… only dipped in fudge.”


Far from Big Macs

Far from Big Macs

There is a point in the Owyhee region, in northwestern Nevada, that is, at 115 miles away, as far away as you can get from a McDonalds in the U.S.



Julie Weikel on Wilderness

Julie Weikel on Wilderness

Your name, city and state will be included in this letter, which will be sent to key elected leaders and staff at the Department of the Interior and Bureau of Land Management.