Save the Badlands from a landfill!

Olivia Guethling

The ONDA community spent nearly a decade advocating for protection of the Badlands, culminating in Congress designating it as wilderness in 2009. Beloved by central Oregonians for its unparalleled hiking, horseback riding, wildlife watching and stargazing amidst unique lava formations and ancient juniper trees, today the Oregon Badlands Wilderness is facing the threat of a landfill being developed right next door.

The Deschutes County Solid Waste Advisory Committee is in the process of deciding where to site a new landfill in the county, and the options have been narrowed down to locations that threaten intact desert ecosystems like the Badlands, as well as key wildlife habitats in the eastern extent of Deschutes County. As it stands, this landfill would negatively affect sage-grouse, mule deer, pronghorn, elk, golden eagles and other important wildlife.

Join us today in asking the County to look for new sites that wouldn’t undercut local conservation, wilderness and recreation values. Read our letter to the Solid Waste Advisory Committee here.