Barksdale Brown

Barksdale Brown

General Manager

(541) 330-2638, ext. 314


Bark joined ONDA in 2006, and, as general manager, he is responsible for our financials, bookkeeping, contracts, and general operations.

Bark has called many geographies home and worked in several different fields. He was born in Ohio, grew up in New Mexico, and spent four years in Haiti while his parents worked at a local hospital. He has practiced law in the Bay Area; worked for an Internet service company in Perth, Australia; and as a trustee for a Pittsburgh-based family trust while he was living in Bologna, Italy and attempting to master Italian.  

He holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Colorado, a law degree from San Francisco Law School, and a master’s degree in taxation from Golden Gate University.

The Brown family enjoys hiking, biking and skiing, which made Bend the ideal spot for them to settle down in the U.S.

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