Lisa Foster

Lisa is a fourth-generation Central Washingtonian with agricultural community roots. She grew up backpacking in the North Central Cascades, with sagebrush steppe as her backyard. She came to ONDA in 2016, and is responsible for coordinating volunteers, membership and donation processing, and organizing engaging member events.

After moving to Minnesota to attend St. Olaf College, she was surprised to discover that large tracts of public lands were not ubiquitous. Lisa earned her bachelor’s degree, with a double major in biology and economics, and returned to the Pacific Northwest to conduct botany and wildlife surveys for the U.S. Forest Service with a renewed sense of the importance of public lands.

Having skied, backpacked, rafted, and biked around the U.S., Europe, Argentina, and Chile, she maintains that the Pacific Northwest is most beautiful place on earth. She coaches the Mount Bachelor Sports Education Foundation Alpine Team and enjoys backcountry skiing, mountain biking, botanizing, and long walks in the desert.