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What We Do

Working to Protect, Defend and Restore Oregon's High Desert

Oregon’s desert is known for its stunning beauty, biological significance, recreational opportunities and cultural value. Much of Oregon’s high desert is publicly-owned land primarily managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). ONDA works with this agency and others every day to ensure that vast swaths of your lands remain wild, open spaces that will be there for future generations to enjoy.

These lands are your lands! Over 8 million acres of these lands qualify as Wilderness but are yet to be protected as such. These lands as a whole provide important habitat for fish and wildlife such as pronghorn antelope, Greater sage-grouse, trout and salmon. Until permanent protections are gained, they are at risk.

Oregon Natural Desert Association also works to ensure that the recent interest in energy development in Oregon’s high desert is thoughtful and balances other values such as wildlife habitat and scenic values. When development in Oregon’s high desert runs afoul of state and federal laws, ONDA is there to provide a voice for our public lands and waters by enforcing conservation laws.

And, of course, ONDA continues to work hard through Stewardship and Restoration activities to ensure that critical areas such as Hart Mountain regain ecological health. ONDA has engaged thousands of volunteers in this work, planting thousands of trees along recovering streams and letting wildlife and people roam freely through Oregon’s high desert by removing enough barbed wire fence to stretch from one end of Oregon to the other.

Through a diligent focus on these priority areas and backed by thousands of supporters, ONDA is a powerful voice for conservation of Oregon’s desert wildlands.

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