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Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge

The Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge is a critical area within the Greater Hart-Sheldon Region ecosystem, which ONDA is working to preserve.

A Haven for Wildlife

Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, designated by President Roosevelt in 1936, is located on a large fault-block ridge that rises nearly three-quarters of a mile above the Warner Valley floor in a series of rugged cliffs, precipitous slopes, and jagged ridges. The diverse terrain creates an abundant mix of habitat types, home to more than 300 species of wildlife including pronghorn antelope, California bighorn sheep, mule deer, sage grouse, and redband trout. In 2011, Hart Mountain was designated a Globally Important Bird Area for its population of Greater sage-grouse, which is a candidate for the Endangered Species List.

landscape Visitors experience spectacular views of the beautiful Warner Valley Wetlands while ascending the west side entrance, and continue their journey into the interior of the Refuge with amazing geological and other natural features. Rugged canyons including, Hart, Potter, and DeGarmo, extend from the valley floor to the top of the main ridge. The east side of the mountain offers a visitor rolling hills and low ridges to the sagebrush-covered floor — a feature characteristic of the Great Basin.

Hart tree
Hart Mountain Refuge
Since its creation in 1936 as a range for herds of pronghorn antelope, management of the refuge has broadened to include conservation of all wildlife species characteristic of this high desert habitat and restoration of native ecosystems for the public's enjoyment, education, and appreciation.

Learn more about the Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge on the federal website.

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