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Visitors Guide

If you're planning to visit the Greater Hart-Sheldon Region, use the Oregon Natural Desert Association's visitors guide as a resource for information about hiking, wildlife viewing, camping, and other activities.

Visiting the Greater Hart-Sheldon Region is an experience unlike any other in Oregon. From petroglyphs to hot springs to massive vistas, this region is rich for adventure.

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Hart Mountain itself is a massive, fault-block mountain that rises 3,000 feet above the floor of the Warner Valley in a series of steep cliffs, desert wetlands and basalt rims. Some visitor services exist on the Hart and Sheldon National Wildlife Refuges, but to get away from it all the BLM land in between the two refuges offers a great outback experience where you're likely to see plenty of wildlife but no other people.

There aren't many established trails in the Greater Hart-Sheldon Region, and the roads vary between pavement, gravel and dirt, but this fascinating region offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities for visitors of all ages and abilities. The incredibly diverse terrain supports more than 300 species of wildlife, including pronghorn antelope and the Greater sage-grouse.

If you wish to learn more about the Greater Hart-Sheldon Region, visit our campaign page or contact ONDA's Hart-Sheldon Coordinator at for more information.

Places to visit in the Greater Hart-Sheldon Region:

Where to stay: Camping and lodging options in the Greater Hart-Sheldon Region


Where to eat: Some of ONDA's recommendations for places to eat in the Greater Hart-Sheldon Region


NOTE: If you plan to travel to this region of Oregon, be conscious of its remoteness. Amenities are scarce, so be prepared before you venture out by bringing extra water, food, gas, and a spare tire.

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