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Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge

The Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge in Nevada is a critical piece of the Greater Hart-Sheldon Region ecosystem, which ONDA is working to preserve.

Wildlife Connectivity Across State Boundaries
Last Chance Ranch
Last Chance Ranch, Sheldon Refuge, Devon Comstock

Rising almost 8,000 feet from the desert floor, Hart Mountain soars about the Warner Wetlands. Hart Mountain's sister refuge, the 575,000 acre Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge lies just south of the Oregon border in Nevada. Together these refuges provide homes for wildlife and offer visitors amazing recreation and scenic opportunities.

Wildlife does not see state lines and it is important that management of these lands be complementary and both areas support connectivity and wildlife diversity.

In an unprecedented partnership, Oregon Natural Desert Association, Friends of Nevada Wilderness and others are working together to study the impact of climate change in these areas, while at the same time promoting the health of wildlife through restoration projects such as removal of obsolete barbed-wire fence that impedes migrations and restoring native springs.

Visit the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge website for more information.

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