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Congrats to the following hikers who have finished the Oregon Desert Trail. What to read about trips others have taken on the Oregon Desert Trail? Check out these blogs for more information on what you will find out in the high desert.

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These folks have finished the entire Oregon Desert Trail
Earn an ODT patch when you complete the trail!
ODT Patch

Sage Clegg - 2013
Travis "D=rt" Anderson - 2014
Brian "Tomato" Boshart - 20014
Shane "The Rev" Von Schlemp - 2014
Bob "Huck Finn" Jessee - 2015
Christof Tuescher - 2016
Mary "Fireweed" Kwart - 2016
Nikki "Willow" Long - 2016
Adrian MacDonald - 2016
Renee "She-ra" Patrick - 2016
Alex "Dayhiker" Bosh - 2017
Heather "Anish" Anderson - 2017
Adam "Pistachio" Lint - 2017
Kat Hampton - 2017


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Do you have a blog you would like to share? Email us to get it listed on this page. Don't have a specific blog but want to share your adventure? Submit a High Desert Trip Report.

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