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East Basin and Range (161.7 miles)

The third section of the Oregon Natural Desert Association's Oregon Desert Trail, from Frenchglen to the Owyhee Canyonlands.

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Discover the majesty of Steens Mountain, the alien playa of the Alvord Desert, the rugged rimrock of Oregon Canyon. This chunk of the Oregon Desert Trail highlights some of the most unique and special treasures of Oregon's high desert.


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Section 13: Frenchglen to South Steens Campground (18.2 miles)
This section of the trail tracks along the Donner und Blitzen River. Go with the flow and be on the lookout for wildlife, especially birds.

Section 14: South Steens Campground to East Steens Road (24 miles)
Big Indian Gorge and the climb to Wildhorse Lake provide a challenging and scenic crossing of Steens Mountain. Consider pushing for the summit proper, and daydream about a future stop at Alvord Hot Springs.

Section 15: East Steens Road to Fields (21.9 miles)
Traverse the Alvord Desert and witness this unique playa wonderland. Turn around every so often to marvel at Steens's silhouette.

Section 16: Fields to Denio (26 miles)
Enter the rocky, rugged Pueblo Mountains. You will spot rock cairns along the way. Small creeks and springs dot the landscape, providing hydration for your scramble.

Section 17: Denio to No Name Spring (18.6 miles)
The 2012 Holloway Fire burned most of this section of trail. The good news is less bushwacking, the bad news is less-reliable water.

Section 18: No Name Spring to Oregon Canyon (31 miles)
Over the Trout Creek Mountains and through the Oregon Canyon. Several aspen groves and scant mahogany remain unscathed from the burn.

Section 19: Oregon Canyon to Highway 95 (22 miles)
Out of the canyon and on to the wide-open Quinn River Valley in this rugged section. Look for signs of Basque sheepherders who came to the area from the overcrowded Sierras.



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