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Oregon Desert Trail Guide & Resources

The Oregon Desert Trail, created by the Oregon Natural Desert Association, spans 800 miles across Oregon's high desert. Learn here about the route, which spans from the Oregon Badlands Wilderness near Bend to Lake Owyhee State Park near the Idaho border.

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From the Badlands of Central Oregon to the Owyhee Canyonlands near the Idaho border, the Oregon Desert Trail offers the best of the state's dry side. Learn more here about how you can access the route.


The Oregon Desert Trail 750-mile route is broken into four regions: Central Oregon Volcanics, West Basin and Range, East Basin and Range, and Owyhee Canyonlands. Each region is further divided into more manageable 20-40 mile segments.

Oregon Desert Trail Map
The Oregon Desert Trail. Click the map to see each part in detail.

All sections are not created equal. Certain stretches of this wild desert route can be bone-dry and incredibly remote. Caching water beforehand might be essential. Some sections feature substantial elevation gain or loose footing, some will test your grit (and your gaiters) and some will require GPS savvy. It's therefore critical to read the guide descriptions in detail and seriously consider any notes on water scarcity or challenging terrain. Make sure you're prepared and respect private property once you head off.

Please share with us what you learn along the way. The Oregon Desert Trail was crafted with the best knowledge at the time and remains a work-in-progress. We will incorporate feedback to improve our information and share it with others.

If you have questions, contact the Oregon Desert Trail Coordinator, Renee Patrick, at 541-330-2638 or We look forward to seeing you on the trail!

First, read the Essential Planning Info. Learn here what to expect and how to use the guide materials.

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Trail Conditions Document

Depending on the time of year, hikers may encounter snow, mud, fire, extreme heat or other conditions that it would helpful to know about before embarking on the ODT. This document is meant to be a crowd-sourced resource for sharing observations of trail conditions.

ODT Town and Services GuideTown & Services Guide

The Town & Services Guide is an indispensable resource for planning your ODT adventure. Find lodging options, restaurants, shopping, hot springs, campgrounds and more including a resupply strategy. (updated 9/15/17)

UPDATED: Download the Maps for the ODT

Revised ODT maps are here! Now with information on public land, a few reroutes and a selection of alternates including: Christmas Valley, Orejana Canyon, Blitzen River, Alvord Hot Springs, McDermitt, and lots more options in the Owyhee Canyonlands.
Region 1 (Sections 1-6) updated 6/20/17
Region 2 (Sections 7-12) updated 5/18/17
Region 3 (Sections 13-19) updated 6/20/17
Region 4 (Sections 20-25) updated 6/20/17

UPDATED: Download the ODT Guidebook

Now includes a public lands glossary and guide to designations along the ODT, to be paired with 2017 map update. Also includes section overview maps and elevation profiles. (updated 6/15/17)

View the Data Book/Water Chart on Google Docs

This may be one of the most important resources for hiking the ODT. Where is the water? How reliable is it? Find out on the water chart and contribute your findings for others while on the trail. Download the Data Book/Water Chart as a PDF or Excel file in the upper left corner of the page. Click here for directions on how to use and update the water chart while on the trail.

UPDATED: Download Waypoints for the ODT

Upload the waypoints to your GPS or phone, but don't forget the paper can fail! This .gpx file has the waypoints for the entire trail AND all the alternates. Find detailed information on the alternate options in the guidebook and on the maps. (updated 5/18/17)

UPDATED: Download Tracks for the ODT

These .kml tracks can be uploaded to Google Earth so you can peruse the route while at home, or uploaded to your GPS device or smart phone for guidance on the trail.
Region 1 (Sections 1-6) updated 5/18/17
Region 2 (Sections 7-12) updated 5/18/17
Region 3 (Sections 13-19) updated 5/18/17
Region 4 (Sections 20-25) updated 5/18/17
Alternate tracks:
Christmas Valley
Orejana Canyon
Blitzen River
Alvord Hot Springs
Owyhee Canyonlands: Flag Crossing, Three Forks, Indian Creek, Soldier Creek, Greeley Bar

Section Overview Maps

Each of the 25 sections have an overview map, these are now incorporated into the guidebook.

Online Trail Register

Trail registers will be popping up around the Oregon Desert Trail route throughout the year, and we will keep you posted on those locations here, and you can fill out our new online register.

Water Cache Guidelines & Maps

You need to cache water at least on the first 160 miles of the route. View our caching guidelines here, and email us for maps of suggested cache spots.

View the Oregon Desert Trail on the Hiking Project Website (Sections 1-9)

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The Hart Mt. Refuge was established in 1936 to provide range for remnant antelope herds. It is the only spot on the trail where you need a permit, but only if you plan on camping in the backcountry while on the refuge, outside the established campgrounds. Find out more here. Make sure to sign in the register at the headquarters!

ODT Facebook Page

Get social on the trail.

Watch an Oregon Desert Trail Presentation

ODT Trail Coordinator Renee Patrick presented at the Mazamas in Portland, January, 2017.

Trail Updates

What's new? What's coming?

Sponsorship Opportunities

Find out how to support the trail.


Want to read about some adventures on the trail? Check out some hiker blogs.


Oregon Desert Trail stickers, patches, and poster maps are now available.

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