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West Basin and Range (215 miles)

The second section of the Oregon Natural Desert Association's Oregon Desert Trail, from Burma Rim to Frenchglen.

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From Burma Rim, infinite skies and wide-open landscapes amaze as the Oregon Desert Trail snakes through the high desert. Enjoy a shift in flora under the shade of mahogany and conifers before rejoining the sagebrush steppe.

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Section 7: Paisley to Abert Rim South (50.3 miles)
After Paisley, the Oregon Desert Trail follows the Fremont National Recreation Trail. Take respite in the shade of mixed conifers and mahogany.

Section 8: Abert Rim South to Colvin Timbers (32.5 miles)
Life is good along the Mill Trail. Views astound from North America's longest exposed fault scarp. Discover smaller treasures like the canyon walls rising up from Little Honey Creek.

Section 9: Colvin Timbers to Plush (24.7 miles)
Leave Colvin Timbers and rejoin the expansive sagebrush steppe. Follow two-track roads through Coyote Hills and keep on until the hamlet of Plush.

Section 10: Plush to Hart Mountain HQ (46 miles)
This beautiful section of the trail surrounding Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge promises streams, aspen groves and diverse wildlife. Turn around for a scenic vista out of Fisher Canyon.

Section 11: Hart Mountain HQ to Orejana Canyon (22.4 miles)
Follow Poker Jim Ridge and enjoy a semi-reliable water source at Rock Creek. Keep an eye on the sagebrush, scouting for Greater sage-grouse in their native habitat.

Section 12: Orejana Canyon to Frenchglen (39.1 miles)
Get exposed to the high desert in this open section. Look out for cliff bands to keep it interesting. Dirt roads mean this section is suited for biking.
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