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Who We Are

A description of the diverse individuals that make up ONDA, including history, and lists of staff and board members.

Oregon is home to a wild desert landscape that has touched many souls. Whether it is the smell of sagebrush, the warmth of the desert sun, or wild rivers that draw you, the beauty and solitude of Oregon’s high desert is unparalleled.

Gena, Ray & Alice
A rancher and two conservationists celebrate the Oregon Badlands Wilderness
Because we love this special place, for almost 30 years Oregon Natural Desert Association has worked tirelessly to protect, defend and restore it. While we take great pride in our accomplishments, like protecting over 200,000 acres of wilderness, we are even more proud of the strong connections we’ve forged with others who love Oregon’s deserts.

Over the years we’ve found that that the more voices we bring together on behalf of our deserts, the further we can carry our message. Our strength is not in our similarity, but in our differences, and our willingness to come together over a shared love of our favorite places.

Owyhee legs
Shared suffering in the West Little Owyhee.
Photo: Tim Neville
We are rural and urban, hikers and sportsman, visionaries and keepers of longstanding traditions. We work hand-in-hand with Native American tribes, scientists, agency staff, and ranchers to achieve ground-breaking, precedent-setting cooperative goals. Together with our 5,000 supporters, we have fresh-faced enthusiasm and hard-earned wisdom.

Together, we are the voice of Oregon’s deserts. We all want what’s best for our wild desert lands, and ONDA is committed to coming together to find creative solutions for any and all challenges they face. Thank you for being a part of ONDA’s story and for caring for this magical place.

Our History


A diverse group of folks, including teachers, doctors, students, naturalists and retirees, came together over their shared love of Oregon’s deserts. They were driven to action by their conviction that the government’s recent inventory of wild desert lands had missed a huge chunk of the places that they knew and loved. Sure enough, when they banded together to take up their own inventory of Oregon’s wild places, it was confirmed that there are nearly 8 million acres of wilderness-quality land in Eastern Oregon. They realized that without a group dedicated to protect, defend and restore these wild desert lands they could be lost forever. From this small group of desert-lovers, ONDA was born.

For the last 30 years ONDA supporters have given a voice to the conservation needs of eastern Oregon’s high desert. Now a respected state and national leader in the public lands conversation, ONDA and its members remain steadfast in their commitment to protect, defend, and restore Oregon's high desert.

ONDA is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization as defined by the IRS, ID# 94-3098621.

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