When choosing the best method for caching supplies along the trail, please take the following items into consideration:

Caching on National Wildlife Refuges and National Forests is prohibited.

  1. Hide caches so they are not visible from roads and mark with name and ETA date. (Sagebrush can offer good camouflage in many sections of the ODT) It is essential to HIDE your caches. Several have gone missing over the past few seasons because hikers did not hide their caches from view of roads.
  2. Mark cache location with a GPS waypoint to ensure you can find them.
  3. Avoid using flagging which can draw attention to your cache. If you deem flagging essential to recovering your cache (hiking without GPS device) please be sparing and pack out all traces to comply with Leave No Trace principals.
  4. Bury caches only on previously disturbed land. High desert soils and vegetation can take many years to recover from disturbances.
  5. When burying caches, place water/supplies in a 5 gallon bucket to prevent animal disturbances. Cover completely with dirt/rocks and GPS waypoint the location. If supplies have an odor, odor proof barrier bags (http://loksak.com/civilian/opsak/) should be used inside the 5 gallon bucket.
  6. Please be sensitive to any archaeological or cultural resources you encounter in the desert. Preserve the past: look, but do not touch cultural or historic structures and artifacts.
  7. Plan to cache approximately 2 gallons [approx. 7.6 liters] per location, per person. Because individual water needs vary, please carry more water than you think you will need.
  8. A “heavier” plastic water jug is recommended as freezing water can crack a typical grocery store gallon jug, and extended sun exposure can make plastic brittle.
  9. A high clearance 4-wheel drive vehicle is recommended to place caches. Please keep all vehicle travel to existing roads. In times of extreme fire danger, driving on primitive roads may be prohibited.

You must pack out all used containers and trash. Gallon jug containers are light and easily tied to a pack. Be even more prepared than you think you should be and have an incredible adventure.


For maps and driving directions to suggested cache spots between Bend and Paisley please email us: odt@onda.org.