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As a staff, we are steadfast in our commitment to protect, defend, and restore Oregon’s high desert alongside our members and supporters. Together with the passion and commitment of a community of advocates thousands strong, the skills and experience of our staff make Oregon Natural Desert Association a respected leader in the public lands conversation at the state and federal levels.

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Our Staff


Young Horny Toad Lizard

Young Horny Toad Lizard

In the summer these lizards begin foraging for food as soon as their body temperature rises as the heat of the day increases. They feed on slow-moving, ground-dwelling insects. In the fall they hibernate by burying themselves in the sand.

Latin name: Phrysonoma platyrhinos




Bitteroot blooms on north-facing cliffs in western North America.

The Paiute name for bitteroot is kangedya. Traditional Native American uses of the plant included eating the roots, mixed with berries and meat, and using the roots to treat sore throats.



Michelle Frisella, member since 2017

Michelle Frisella, member since 2017

So proud of ONDA and its members and volunteers. Such hard work gets done. To use an overused word, this is patriotism!

Our Seasonal Staff and Interns

Seasonal Staff

Our field technicians and field interns help us with our Sage-Grouse Habitat Monitoring Project, which monitors the implementation of the BLM’s Approved Resource Management Plan Amendment (ARMPA) and ecological health trends on federal lands in eastern Oregon to assess the degree to which public lands are meeting sage-grouse habitat objectives.


Our wildlands interns spend the summer in the field with ONDA staff and volunteers. Our development interns help ONDA to reach community members interested in getting involved in ONDA’s work by managing ONDA event and publications logistics and representing ONDA at community events. Other students and young professionals join us for a variety of important projects.  

2021 Interns

Lily Pifferini-Carter, Hillis Intern

Isaiah Breckbill, Field Monitoring Intern


Tribal Stewards

The Tribal Stewards Program, run with Northwest Youth Corps, offers paid positions to indigenous young adults who spend the summer in the field restoring streams, uplands and trails across Oregon’s desert lands while gaining practical restoration and research experience and exploring conservation career pathways.

The 2021 Tribal Stewards are:

Duane Miller

Audie Davis

Mo Moody

Wesley Scott

Cam Eagle Staff

Parish Cook

Diamond Villalobos