Our Staff

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As a staff, we are steadfast in our commitment to protect, defend, and restore Oregon’s high desert alongside our members and supporters. Together with the passion and commitment of a community of advocates thousands strong, the skills and experience of our staff make Oregon Natural Desert Association a respected leader in the public lands conversation at the state and federal levels.

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Our Staff

Our Seasonal Staff and Interns

Each year, bright students and professionals from Oregon and beyond join ONDA in our office and in the field to gain career-building skills.

Our 2017 Crew

  • Anne White, Field Technician, Greater sage-grouse habitat surveys
  • Lily Bright, Field Technician, Greater Sage-grouse habitat surveys
  • Emilie Bedard, Field Intern, Greater sage-grouse habitat surveys
  • Elizabeth McGreevy, Field Intern, Greater sage-grouse habitat surveys
  • Moira Sullivan, Fall Intern, Portland Outreach and Development
  • Melissa Hubler, Fall Intern, Outreach and Development
  • Katie Kelley, Summer Intern, Outreach and Development
  • Maddie Hueske, Summer Intern, Outreach and Development
  • Carley McEnery, Winter Intern, Outreach and Development
  • Elise Cordle Kennedy, Winter Intern, Portland Outreach and Development
  • Ellysa Lindenmaier, Wildland Intern, Stewardship and Restoration
  • Amber Lamet, Wildland Intern, Stewardship and Restoration
  • Carter Hall, Conservation Program Intern, Wilderness campaigns and policy analysis

Our field technicians and field interns help us with our Sage-Grouse Habitat Monitoring Project, which monitors the implementation of the BLM’s Approved Resource Management Plan Amendment (ARMPA) and ecological health trends on federal lands in eastern Oregon to assess the degree to which public lands are meeting sage-grouse habitat objectives.

Our outreach and events interns help ONDA to reach community members interested in getting involved in ONDA’s work by managing ONDA event logistics, engaging retail partners for the Wild Desert Calendar, and representing ONDA at community events.

Our wildlands interns spend 10 weeks over the summer in the field with ONDA staff and volunteers. In addition to helping lead restoration projects, our 2017 interns worked with the Prineville Bureau of Land Management to monitor Wilderness Study Areas throughout Central Oregon.