Central Oregon Backcountry

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A Wild Backyard

Rugged river canyons, ancient juniper woodlands, and rolling grasslands make Central Oregon’s desert backcountry some of Oregon’s most beloved public lands. Wild places like the Oregon Badlands Wilderness and Whychus-Deschutes provide boundless opportunities for exploration and adventure, all just minutes away for the people who live and work in Central Oregon.  

Enjoying Central Oregon's desert backcountry

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Flyfishing the Middle Deschutes River

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Ancient juniper in the Oregon Badlands Wilderness

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Alder Springs Trail

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Lava formations of the Oregon Badlands Wilderness

Greg Burke   Website

Central Oregon’s backcountry holds features found nowhere else: junipers that are among the oldest trees in Oregon, Native American rock art and artifacts that tell the history of this region, and some of the last wild habitat for animals like golden eagles and steelhead. These irreplaceable treasures need and deserve protection.


Within an hour’s drive from Bend and just west of Terrebonne, the rugged canyons of Whychus-Deschutes remain astonishingly wild.

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Our Favorite Places in the Central Oregon Backcountry

Working for the Central Oregon Backcountry

A growing population and an influx of visitors are presenting new challenges to our lands. ONDA works to protect places like Whychus-Deschutes for the future by engaging the community and encouraging people to speak up for the places they love.