Within an hour’s drive from Bend and just west of Terrebonne, the rugged canyons of Whychus-Deschutes remain astonishingly wild.

Wild Waters in the High Desert

The Whychus-Deschutes proposed wilderness holds popular places such as Alder Springs and Steelhead Falls as well as less-well-known wonders waiting to be discovered. The frothing whitewater at the confluence of Whychus Creek and the Middle Deschutes River creates a lush oasis for wildlife. Flyfishers ply these waters for native fish and everyone enjoys the jaw-dropping views.

Hiking in the Whychus-Deschutes backcountry

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Steelhead Falls

Gena Goodman-Campbell

Whychus Creek

Gena Goodman-Campbell

Old growth ponderosa pines above Whychus Creek

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Winter hiking on the Middle Deschutes River

Gena Goodman-Campbell

Hiking and fishing are by far the most popular activities in the Whychus-Deschutes area, but a wide variety of non-motorized recreation pursuits, including horseback riding, in-season hunting, camping, and bird watching, are also allowed.