Each year, hundreds of Oregon Natural Desert Association volunteers protect and restore the public lands of Oregon’s high desert.

You might find yourself restoring streams, improving trails, mailing thank you letters, attending meetings, or welcoming people at ONDA events. With many different ways to pitch in and help, your effort, skills and passion are needed and appreciated. We’d love to have you join our vibrant community of desert advocates.

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Wind and Birds in Quaking Aspen

Wind and Birds in Quaking Aspen


Scott Bowler, Portland-based ONDA member

Scott Bowler, Portland-based ONDA member

The desert speaks for itself, but very softly. I support ONDA to promote and enable discovery of the amazing beauty and recreational opportunities of the high desert by much broader groups of people; and most especially to protect forever the full and diverse landscape of the Owyhee Canyonlands, a place without parallel or equal in our country.”


Western Rattlesnake

Western Rattlesnake

Also known as the Great Basin Rattlesnake, these pit vipers have buff-tan coloring and small, oval blotches to blend into their arid surroundings. Small heat-sensing indentations on each side of the snake’s snout detects warm-blooded prey for better striking accuracy in the dark. Source: The Oregon Encyclopedia

Latin name: Crotalus oreganus lutosus

Volunteer in Town

Typically, ONDA works with hundreds of volunteers throughout the year who play an integral part in our outreach, conservation and restoration work and we’re looking forward to hosting volunteers again when it’s safe to do so. To join our list of office and event volunteers in either Bend or Portland, fill out the volunteer application form above, or email Caelin if you are interested in helping out in Central Oregon and email Corinne if you are interested in helping out in Portland or elsewhere on the west side.


Advocate for Public Lands

Another critical way you can volunteer in support of your public lands is to become an advocate. To be kept up to date on when action is needed, text ONDA to 52886 and subscribe to ONDA’s e-newsletter.

Get tips for writing letters to the editor. 

Volunteer in the Field

Independent Stewards

In 2021, ONDA is offering a range of on-the-ground restoration, monitoring, and inventory projects for individuals and household groups to complete on their own schedule.

Share Your Desert Images

Calling all photographers! You can use your creativity and talent to support conservation. ONDA invites you to submit your best shots of Oregon’s high desert for possible feature in our iconic Wild Desert Calendar.

Or, to share images at any time for use in our publications or social media, email our communications manager.  

Hit us with your best shot