Each year, hundreds of Oregon Natural Desert Association volunteers protect and restore the public lands of Oregon’s high desert.

You might find yourself restoring streams, improving trails, mailing thank you letters, attending meetings, or welcoming people at ONDA events. With many different ways to pitch in and help, your effort, skills and passion are needed and appreciated. We’d love to have you join our vibrant community of desert advocates.




The Oregon Swallowtail butterfly is the official state insect of Oregon and a true native of the Pacific Northwest. The Swallowtail can be seen in the lower sagebrush canyons of the Columbia River and its tributaries, including the Snake River drainage area.  Source: State Symbols USA

Latin name: Papilio oregonius


Greater Sage Grouse and Sparrows at Hart Mountain

Greater Sage Grouse and Sparrows at Hart Mountain


Stewardship Fence Building Timelapse

Stewardship Fence Building Timelapse

In the Desert

In 2021, ONDA is offering a range of on-the-ground restoration, monitoring, and inventory projects for individuals and household groups to complete on their own schedule. Learn more here.

At the Office and Events

Typically, ONDA works with many volunteers throughout the year who play an integral part in our outreach and events. While these opportunities are currently limited due to the pandemic, we are looking forward to hosting volunteers again when it’s safe to do so.

To join our list of office and event volunteers in either Bend or Portland, please fill out the volunteer interest form below, or email Caelin if you are interested in helping out in Central Oregon and email Corinne if you are interested in helping out in Portland or elsewhere in western Oregon.


With a Group

ONDA also works with school groups, community organizations, and businesses that want to volunteer together. In 2021, we have independent projects for groups and we’re accepting interest forms for onsite projects in 2022. Learn more about our group opportunities and fill out the interest form here.

Using Your Voice

Another critical way you can volunteer in support of your public lands is to become an advocate. To be kept up to date on when action is needed, text ONDA to 52886 and subscribe to ONDA’s e-newsletter.

Get tips for writing letters to the editor.