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Our work to protect and restore Oregon’s high desert public lands is fueled by the generosity of our members.

Every donation, advocacy action, and volunteer hour adds up to an incredible investment in a healthy, promising future for Oregon’s desert landscapes, waterways, and wildlife. Please review Oregon Natural Desert Association’s recent financial information for insight into the scope of your giving and the essential programs these contributions support.

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Discover Desert Pronghorn

Discover Desert Pronghorn


Michelle Frisella, member since 2017

Michelle Frisella, member since 2017

So proud of ONDA and its members and volunteers. Such hard work gets done. To use an overused word, this is patriotism!


Young Desert Horned Lizard

Young Desert Horned Lizard

In the summer these lizards begin foraging for food as soon as their body temperature rises as the heat of the day increases. They feed on slow-moving, ground-dwelling insects. In the fall they hibernate by burying themselves in the sand.

Latin name: Phrysonoma platyrhinos

Donor Spotlight: Charlene Hiss

When Charlene Hiss first crossed through southeastern Oregon, she wasn’t sure the hot and at times unforgiving sagebrush sea was for her. But, the high desert piqued her curiosity, leading her to ONDA in hopes of learning how to best explore the wonders of this remarkable landscape.

Years later, Charlene is now a dedicated member and stewardship volunteer who has helped with everything from trail maintenance to riparian restoration and independent stewardship projects. Charlene regularly ventures with her husband from their home in Vancouver, WA to Oregon’s high desert for camping and hiking, and in 2023 they were thrilled to finally have the opportunity to raft the Owyhee River.

When asked why she enjoys donating to support desert conservation and being part of the ONDA community, Charlene effused, “I like ONDA’s balance of advocacy, education and stewardship. The staff are great. The volunteers I have met on stewardship trips have been hardworking and openhearted, with interesting and diverse life experiences and knowledge. On those trips, I have heard a lot of great stories, learned new things, and experienced the satisfaction of seeing how a small group of people can change the world one little bit at a time.”

We can’t thank Charlene enough for her devotion to the high desert.