Protecting Public Lands, Waters, and Wildlife

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Oregon Natural Desert Association conserves the most spectacular places in Oregon’s high desert, including such treasured spots as Steens Mountain, the Oregon Badlands, the John Day River, and the Owyhee Canyonlands. We support the fish and wildlife found within these wild areas, and we guide people in finding new ways to experience this rich natural legacy.

Oregonians love to be outside. The incredible, diverse scenery and ample recreation found in Oregon’s high desert enhance our high quality of life. Our public lands also provide important economic benefits for communities across Oregon, and so much more.


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Advancing conservation priorities

Oregonians love our land, and there is a lot to love. Millions of acres of public land across Oregon’s high desert enhance our lives every day. And, these lands aren’t just ours. Public lands in Oregon are a natural legacy shared by all Americans. Without active caretaking, we stand to lose places we cherish,...

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Defending wildlands and habitat

Oregon Natural Desert Association’s strategic and effective enforcement of environmental laws has played a critical role in safeguarding Oregon’s desert public lands. We hold federal land management agencies accountable, ensuring that Oregon’s arid lands and waterways receive the protection they deserve.

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Securing protective designations

Public lands and waters can be protected from harmful development and other impacts when they are given a specific designation by the federal government. Oregon Natural Desert Association is the only group dedicated exclusively to protecting Oregon’s high desert.   

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Serving as your voice in planning processes

Oregon Natural Desert Association represents the interests of our members and supporters to land management agencies, such as the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management, when decisions are being made about how to manage public lands.

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Oregon’s public lands are a resource shared by all Americans. In our public lands, we meet vital human needs for clean air and clean water and find places for contemplation and exploration. ONDA is committed to ensuring that the American public lands in Oregon’s high desert remain in public hands and are thoughtfully utilized, so that people benefit from and enjoy these treasured places, now and always.

A threatened resource

Despite the tremendous biological, economic, cultural, and spiritual value they provide, our public lands, waterways and wildlife often come under threat. ONDA counters any action that would diminish cherished places in Oregon’s high desert. And, our community takes proactive steps to safeguard  our public lands, because once public land is given away, sold, or developed in an unsustainable way, it’s gone forever. Together with our community of supporters, ONDA protects Oregon’s high desert public lands by advocating for strong protection of wild lands and waters, enforcing conservation laws, and amplifying your voice in planning for the future of public lands.