Stewardship Trips

NOTICE: ONDA will not offer our traditional group stewardship trips in 2021 due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and safety concerns of gathering groups of people from around the Pacific Northwest. We have expanded our Independent Stewards opportunities and invite you to learn more about these opportunities to make a difference on our public lands in Oregon’s high desert.

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Stewardship Pronghorn Fence

Stewardship Pronghorn Fence


Young Horny Toad Lizard

Young Horny Toad Lizard

In the summer these lizards begin foraging for food as soon as their body temperature rises as the heat of the day increases. They feed on slow-moving, ground-dwelling insects. In the fall they hibernate by burying themselves in the sand.

Latin name: Phrysonoma platyrhinos


Helen Harbin on Wildlife

Helen Harbin on Wildlife

David Hanson

Independent Stewards

Oregon Natural Desert Association’s Independent Stewards program offers volunteers a self-directed option for promoting a healthy high desert in addition to our structured option of guided stewardship trips. How It Works ONDA provides assignments and resources. Volunteers learn new skills and complete critical tasks on their own while giving their high desert adventures an...

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Volunteer T-Shirts for Sale

Show your commitment to the high desert with one of our new volunteer t-shirts. With four fun designs and five colors from which to choose, you are sure to find one you'll love. A portion of each sale benefits our stewardship program.

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Scenes from 2019 Stewardship Trips

Volunteering on an ONDA stewardship offers you a whole new perspective on the wonders of Oregon’s high desert.

Up in the predawn light to monitor a sage-grouse lek

Darin Swanson

Lunch breaks with expansive views

Mark Darnell

Clearing trails to keep hikers safe

Michele Patrick

Goofing around in the mid-day summer sun

Lisa Foster

Learning new skills and working together

Elizabeth McLagen