2024 Stewardship Trips

Ready to get out into the desert and give it some care?

Oregon Natural Desert Association would love to see you on one of the dozens of stewardship trips and independent stewardship projects that we host. With options ranging from weekday to weekend trips, single-day to multi-day trips, front country to backcountry trips and projects taking place all throughout Oregon’s high desert, we hope you find something that is just right for you among this variety of opportunities. No experience is needed, and ONDA provides all of the tools and training that volunteers need to complete the restoration work, stay safe, and have fun!

Here are a few items to note:
  • Registration for fall trips opens on July 16, and registration for idependent stewards projects is open until the last month of the project.
  • You will only need to fill out the full form the first time you sign up for a trip in 2024. A short form will be available for those registering for a second time.
  • If there are openings that need to be filled, we will communicate those opportunities via our e-newsletter.
  • Should you need special accommodations to attend an ONDA group trip or independent project, please let us know. We want to provide everyone with the opportunity to spend some quality time in the desert, contributing to the restoration, conservation and stewardship work at ONDA.
  • ONDA trips and projects involve varying levels of physical activity. Trip difficulty is rated from 1 to 5 for each trip. You can find a description of what each of these levels means on our trip difficulty ratings page.
  • Dogs are not allowed on group stewardship trips, but you are welcome to bring your dog on independent projects.
  • Have questions? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


2024 Fall Stewardship Trips- Registration opens July 16, full trip details will be available at that time


Dates Difficulty Project Title Trip Leader Registration
Sept. 13-15 3 Muhly Lake Fence Retrofit Sarah Lindsay Opens July 16
Sept. 19-22 5 South Fork Crooked Riparian Restoration Jefferson Jacobs Opens July 16
Sept. 21 2 Reynolds Pond Accessible Trail Consruction #2 Renee Patrick Opens July 16
Sept. 23  3 Bear Creek Fence Repair #1 Sarah Lindsay Opens July 16
Sept. 24 3 Bear Creek Fence Repair #2 Sarah Lindsay Opens July 16
Sept. 23-26 4 Steens Mountain Trail Work Renee Patrick Opens July 16
Sept. 27-29 4 Pine Creek Conservation Area Spring Restoration #3 Gena Goodman-Campbell Opens July 16
Oct. 3-6 4 North Springs Fence Construction #2 Sarah Lindsay Opens July 16
Oct. 17-20 4 Summit Creek Planting #2 Sarah Lindsay Opens July 16
Nov. 7 2-3 Badlands Fence and Trail Work Day #1 Gena Goodman-Campbell Opens July 16
Nov. 8 2-3 Badlands Fence and Trail Work Day #2 Renee Patrick Opens July 16
Nov. 9 2-3 Badlands Fence and Trail Work Day #3 Renee Patrick Opens July 16
April-Nov. 5 Oregon Desert Trail Impact Monitoring Independent Apply Now
May-Oct. 4 Malheur Wild and Scenic River Monitoring Independent Apply Now
Feb.-Dec. 1-3 Badlands Wilderness Recreation Monitoring Independent Apply Now



Ursula K. Le Guin on ONDA

Ursula K. Le Guin on ONDA

“Nothing in conservation work is ever uncomplicated! But I’m proud of ONDA for working on that conversation, being neighborly, trying to include the human landscape in the natural one as truly part of what is to be honored, protected, and saved.”

Ursula K. Le Guin, from the short essay Concerning a Wilderness


Scott Bowler, ONDA member from Portland

Scott Bowler, ONDA member from Portland

The desert speaks for itself, but very softly. I support ONDA to promote and enable discovery of the amazing beauty and recreational opportunities of the high desert by much broader groups of people; and most especially to protect forever the full and diverse landscape of the Owyhee Canyonlands, a place without parallel or equal in our country.”


Far from Big Macs

Far from Big Macs

There is a point in the Owyhee region, in northwestern Nevada, that is, at 115 miles away, as far away as you can get from a McDonalds in the U.S.

Source: http://www.datapointed.net/2010/09/distance-to-nearest-mcdonalds-sept-2010

Scenes from Past Stewardship Trips

Volunteering on an ONDA stewardship trip offers you a whole new perspective on the wonders of Oregon’s high desert.

Up in the predawn light to monitor a sage-grouse lek

Darin Swanson

Lunch breaks with expansive views

Mark Darnell

Clearing trails to keep hikers safe

Michele Patrick

Goofing around in the mid-day summer sun

Lisa Foster

Learning new skills and working together

Elizabeth McLagen

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