Water Chart Directions

How to use the water chart while on the trail

On your smart phone click link: https://goo.gl/GMwXsE

When document is open in Google Sheets (you may have to download Google Sheets App) extend your sheet options in the upper right corner, and click “Download and keep in sync”. The water chart is now downloaded on your device in the Google Sheets App so you can access it while on the trail without phone service.

We have recorded the historical findings for each source (if visited by hikers) back to 2011. Please note that each year water conditions can vary, and as we gather more data the water chart will become more reliable for future hikers.

Please record any water findings you encounter in the “(current year) water data” column on the spreadsheet with the date visited with the date of your observation. You can also record any details on the conditions in the last column “Please share your water source notes here”. If there already exists data in both fields, do not erase, but add your findings in front of previous data so the most current appears first.

When you have Wifi again the google doc will update automatically ensuring future hikers can see your data and notes.