Jordan Craters

  • Distance

    1 mile, with exploration opportunities

  • Best Times To Visit

    year round

  • Dificulty


  • Closest Town

    Jordan Valley, Oregon

  • Drive Time

    3 hours from Burns, Oregon; Boise, Idaho


The 27-square-mile ovaline lava flow of Jordan Craters is one of the most recent volcanic flows in Oregon. The origin of the flow is Coffeepot Crater, a deep cavity at the far northeastern part of the flow. Walking in and around Coffeepot and exploring its side pits, tubes and caves makes for a great journey on a landscape that looks like the surface of the moon. From where you parked your car, a straightforward loop around the rim and down the red cinder path into the heart of Coffeepot crater is about 1 mile. You’ll no doubt find trenches and tubes to explore along the way. The path into this crater descends about 150 feet.

Driving Directions

Head north on Highway 95 for a little more than 8 miles to a sign for Jordan Craters. Turn left and follow the good gravel road for 11.5 miles to a fork on the road. Keep right. Drive nearly 7 miles to another fork, and go left onto a rougher dirt road. Stay left at another fork in roughly 6 miles. And after about a mile and a half, fork left once again. Drive to the end of the road to a parking area. You will see Coffeepot Crater in front of you.