Pike Creek

  • Distance

    2.8 miles round-trip (5.4 miles round-trip option)

  • Best Times To Visit

    spring; August to November

  • Dificulty


  • Closest Town

    Fields, Oregon

  • Drive Time

    2.5 hours from Burns, Oregon


An old mining track leads 1.4 miles up the canyon through a rugged rock narrows with wildflowers and views of the desert playa below. Two creek crossings can be difficult to pass in early spring and after summer thunderstorms. Along this trail, you’ll find an old cabin and an old mine on the way to the upper Pike Creek drainage.

Bushwhackers can continue along the canyon’s right-hand slope another 1.3 miles to the creek’s forks.

Pike Creek Canyon Trailhead Access

Motorized Access:

From the East Steens Road, drive approximately 0.5 mile west to a private, fee-use parking and camping area.  The trail begins nearby. To use this parking and camping area, you must first check in at the Alvord Hot Springs, 2 miles to the south, to pay fees.

  • Presenting a current Oregon hunting/fishing license will authorize free parking in the fee-use area. Camping fees may still apply.
  • If you choose to drive to the private parking area, please stay on the developed route. Respect private property, follow signs, and do not park in the roadway.
  • There are no turnarounds between the East Steens Road and the private parking/camping area. Please only drive beyond this point if you’re planning to park or camp in the fee-use area.


From the East Steens Road and county-owned parking area, hike in.  Vehicles may be left overnight, unattended, in this parking area.  Camping is not allowed in the parking area.  Additional free parking (and camping) is available at Frog Springs, 3 miles to the south.

Questions: Please call the BLM at (541) 573-4400.

Notes and Advice:

  • Check your gas gauge before heading out.
  • Portions of the Pike Creek drainage are private property, including the parking area near the trailhead. Please respect private property throughout your travels; the public use of private land is a privilege.
  • With no potable water, restroom facilities, cell phone service or designated camping areas, travelers to the area should bring their own supplies and plan on a desolate, open-air adventure.
  • Pack it in, pack it out. There are currently no free restroom facilities at the trailhead area or nearby.

Driving Directions

From Burns, take State Highway 78 southeast for approximately 72 miles to the junction of 78 and East Steens Road (also known as Folly Farm Road). Turn right onto the East Steens Road and travel approximately 35 miles south. Here you will find a road off to the right (west) and a gravel, county-owned parking area adjacent to the road nearby . If you reach Alvord Hot Springs while traveling south on the East Steens Road, you’ve gone too far. The Pike Creek Trail access road is about 1.5 miles north of Alvord Hot Springs by way of the East Steens Road.