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Cregg Large, member since 2009

Cregg Large, member since 2009

“I came to Oregon 12 years ago from Texas. Texas, for all its size, has very little public land. Coming to Oregon has made me realize the special gift we as Americans have in our public lands. Volunteering with an organization like ONDA is my way of reciprocating for this gift. Through restoration efforts, I feel we are helping leave a better place than we found it. Through advocating for protection for public lands, we safeguard migration routes for animals and keep the land where it belongs: with the public.”


Connecting Trails

Connecting Trails

The Oregon Desert Trail ties into two National Recreation Trails: the Fremont National Recreation Trail and Desert Trail.


Sage-grouse Mating Dance

Sage-grouse Mating Dance

Abert Rim and Abert Lake June 2018

Lake Abert Storybook

Lake Abert is a rich ecosystem teeming with life. See more images of this incredible saline environment in our storybook.

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Lake Abert, Abert Rim and their surroundings are almost entirely federal public lands, administered by the Bureau of Land Management. Both the lake and the rim are designated Areas of Critical Environmental Concern, and the entire area is wilderness-quality, with Abert Rim managed as a Wilderness Study Area.

The state of Oregon recognizes Lake Abert as a Conservation Opportunity Area, places where the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife recommends focusing management and resources to conserve fish and wildlife.

The National Audubon Society has designated the lake an Important Bird Area and The Nature Conservancy similarly recognizes Lake Abert as an Ecoregional Priority Area for conservation investment. Finally, the Lake Abert ecosystem has been proposed for addition to the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network.

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