Meet Lizzy Potter

Gena Goodman-Campbell

A desert advocate in profession and passion

An Oregonian by choice and attorney by trade, Lizzy Potter has supported ONDA for about 10 years and feels a deep connection to Oregon’s high desert, even though she lives on the west side of our state.

Lizzy’s passion runs deep: “the smells of juniper, sage, and lodgepole pine restore and reinvigorate me as soon as I cross the Cascades into Central Oregon.”

As a “policy wonk,” Lizzy appreciates ONDA’s legal work to restore native fish populations and protect riparian areas. She partners with ONDA in her role as a staff attorney at Advocates for the West, a non-profit environmental law firm that protects imperiled species and public lands across the West by enforcing federal environmental laws.

In addition to her interest protecting public lands through legal and policy avenues, Lizzy and her husband have volunteered on an ONDA stewardship trip to protect riparian areas in the John Day River Basin.


While she loves the breathtaking vistas and solitude of the Owyhee Canyonlands and Steens Mountain, she said, “Easier- to-access spots – like the Badlands Wilderness (thanks, ONDA) and the Deschutes River corridor are closer to my heart and continue to allow me to enjoy the high desert when I can only escape the west side for a weekend. Protected lands close to population centers ensure that people from all backgrounds can experience their joys.”

She added, “I love the Deschutes so much I got married along its banks!”


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