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Author: Corinne Handelman  |  Published: January 10, 2021  |  Category: How-To

Fresh Ideas for your New Years Resolutions

If living through 2020 taught us anything, we have reinforced lessons on developing healthy routines, practicing gratitude, and finding personal healing by spending time in nature. Fortunately, ONDA members might be a step or two ahead of the curve on those practices, so here are some additional intentions to carry forward into a new year. Here are three simple ways you can leave 2020 behind while bringing these lessons into your 2021 desert advocacy intention list!

Establish a routine

By becoming a monthly donor to ONDA

With monthly giving, you’ll always be contributing to desert conservation, and it only takes one easy step to establish this routine! You’ll feel great knowing that whether you plan to explore new corners of Oregon’s desert or stay safe close to home, your ongoing gift will fuel ONDA’s advocacy and restoration programs.

Sign up today

Show your gratitude

By advocating for desert lands, waters and wildlife

If routines aren’t your thing, but you want to be on call when action is needed, we have a way for you to plug in! Sign up for our text advocate alerts and you wont miss our important opportunities to weigh in on public lands planning processes or speaking up for special places like the Owyhee Canyonlands or Sutton Mountain.

Join our most active desert advocates by texting “ONDA” to 52886 and follow the prompts.

Give back to the places that give to you

By leaving a legacy gift for the future of wild lands, you’ll contribute to desert conservation for years to come

With one swift action, you can become an impactful ONDA member and rest assured that desert conservation is prioritized with your gift. Put ONDA in your will now, or leave an insurance or retirement account to ONDA, and you’ll ensure that the desert is cared for forever by dedicated desert advocates.

Learn more about your options for leaving a legacy.


Reid Williams, 2021 Conservationist of the Year

Reid Williams, 2021 Conservationist of the Year

How far are you willing to hike for conservation? Reid Williams offered to put in more than 20 miles a day, by himself, walking and monitoring fence lines on Beatys Butte. And that was on top of weekly visits to the ONDA office, where he is always eager to help with extra projects. In acknowledgment of his willingness and helpful spirit, ONDA named him our 2021 Conservationist of the Year.


The Land Between: The Greater Hart-Sheldon Region

The Land Between: The Greater Hart-Sheldon Region


Ursula K. Le Guin on ONDA

Ursula K. Le Guin on ONDA

“Nothing in conservation work is ever uncomplicated! But I’m proud of ONDA for working on that conversation, being neighborly, trying to include the human landscape in the natural one as truly part of what is to be honored, protected, and saved.”

Ursula K. Le Guin, from the short essay Concerning a Wilderness