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High Desert Academy

Welcome to our digital event community ONDA launched this digital events series in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. When everyone was following directives to stay close to home, ONDA brought the desert straight to the people. The High Desert Academy series includes stunning tours of high desert highlights, informative workshops that will...

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A Thru-Hiker’s Message – Stay Home

An Oregon Desert Trail Thru-hiker Recounts a Decision To Get Off the Trail  post by Riley Manning It’s a scary time right now.  As the flowers bloom and the days grow long, hikers who had spent months and years preparing for their thru-hikes: quitting jobs, ending leases, selling off furniture, are now canceling their...

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Signs of Spring

By Scott Bowler and Lace Thornberg After months of rejuvenating itself in subtle ways, Oregon’s high desert begins pulsing with undeniable signs of spring’s arrival in March, April and May. Spring’s ‘arrival’ varies widely. By mid-April, a few rounds of wildflowers will have already come and gone along the banks of Whychus Creek, outside...

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Oregon’s High Desert
Amid an Outbreak

The sun on our faces, the scent of sagebrush carried by a breeze, a distant call of raptors flying overhead, and the crunch of bare earth below our feet. We feel the pull of Oregon’s wilder side each and every day. And we know that the high desert is calling to many now. If...

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Ten Superlative Volunteers

Oregon’s high desert is a unique place, full of magic and wonder. The same could be said of those people who give their time and attention so generously to its care. Today, we’d like to introduce you to ten conservation heroes you could meet at an ONDA event or on a stewardship trip and...

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