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Stewardship Pronghorn Fence

Stewardship Pronghorn Fence


Scott Bowler, ONDA member from Portland

Scott Bowler, ONDA member from Portland

The desert speaks for itself, but very softly. I support ONDA to promote and enable discovery of the amazing beauty and recreational opportunities of the high desert by much broader groups of people; and most especially to protect forever the full and diverse landscape of the Owyhee Canyonlands, a place without parallel or equal in our country.”


Western Rattlesnake

Western Rattlesnake

Also known as the Great Basin Rattlesnake, these pit vipers have buff-tan coloring and small, oval blotches to blend into their arid surroundings. Small heat-sensing indentations on each side of the snake’s snout detects warm-blooded prey for better striking accuracy in the dark. Source: The Oregon Encyclopedia

Latin name: Crotalus oreganus lutosus

All of the images and short films you see on this website, as well as our calendar, website, and social media, are generously contributed by photographers and videographers who share our passion for protecting public lands.

Check out the short bios below to meet a few of the intriguing conservation-minded artists who contribute frequently to our website and calendar. If you’d like to get involved, you can share your photos, too.

Michelle Alvarado Michelle has worked for National Geographic, and her film work has been featured at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, on PBS, and on the BBC. Michelle is the owner and operator of Wahoo Films, where she produces short feature films and compelling “docu-mercials” that connect non-profits, government agencies, and companies. See more: www.wahoofilms.com

Sean Bagshaw Sean Bagshaw is Southern Oregon’s premier landscape, nature and travel photographer. His company, Outdoor Exposure Photography, specializes in images for use in design, calendars and greeting cards, editorial, Web application, advertising, marketing and public relations campaigns. In addition to providing stock images for publications, all of his images are also available as gallery quality fine art photographic prints for home or office. See more: www.outdoorexposurephoto.com

Michelle Barnett (Bauer) Michelle provided all of the professional headshots of our staff. Michelle is a photographer, artist, and small business owner based in Portland, specializing in business and family portraiture. Her passion is for establishing authentic and genuine connections with people and exploring the beauty of the world around her. See more: www.mbauerphotography.com

Sage Brown Sage is a professional photographer and valuable ONDA volunteer, hiking countless miles surveying mammals and capturing the beauty of the Oregon Desert. An avid fly-fisherman, Sage longs to be out of the city, immersed in “fresh air and a wide open landscape.” You will find his photography published by Keen, Lands End, and the Western Rivers Conservancy. See more: http://sagebrown.com

Greg Burke Over the past decade, Greg has been a prominent contributor to the ONDA Wild Desert Calendar. Beyond the Oregon desert, Greg’s captivating photography will take you on an adventure throughout the U.S., Europe, and Africa. See more: http://www.pbase.com/gb_photo

Bruce Couch. In the mid-1970s Bruce discovered photography as a theatrical lighting designer/technician where he bought a camera for his lighting design portfolio. Not long after, he abandoned theatrical dreams and pursued photography full time. For over a decade Bruce worked as a commercial photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. After the commercial photographer stint, he abandoned photography in 1992 and started a design firm specializing in high visibility, large corporate event presentations. In 2009 he bought his first digital camera and discovered the joy of photography without a client. Currently in Bend, Oregon, he spends considerable time in Eastern Oregon deserts and rivers, doing photography and fly-fishing. See more: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bodiegroup/  

Devin Dahlgren Devin creates photographs of the magical places in the Pacific Northwest and beyond with the hope that these photographs will communicate to the viewer that no matter how many challenges our world currently faces, it’s still an amazingly beautiful and majestic place. See more: www.devindahlgren.com

Shane Davila Helping people experience natures soothing qualities is what photography is all about to wilderness photographer, Shane Davila. “Being mentally present in nature, such as when the fading sun coalesces with the landscape, can bring about feelings of elation and often reveal profound insight.” His goal is to capture serendipitous moments in a way that brings viewers into these places so that they may also experience nature’s harmony. And, his hope is to create advocates for nature through his photographs, writings, and presentations. See more:

Jim Davis Jim’s landscape photographs were the primary inspiration for the Wild Desert Calendar, motivating ONDA to compile regional photography in a captivating showcase of the Oregon Desert. His images provoke his audience to explore and protect the natural value of the desert. Beyond photography, Jim builds and remodels beautiful homes. See more: www.flickr.com/desertdustimages

Tyson Fisher Based out of Silverton, Oregon, a small town nestled below the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, about an hours drive from Portland, Tyson Fisher believes that being in the presence of our wild places provides an endless source of wonder and inspiration. “We need wilderness. It’s part of us. I’m passionate about preserving what we have left.” He is self-taught, having first drawn inspiration from the black and white images of Ansel Adams and the color works of Galen Rowell and Art Wolfe. See more: www.tysonfisher.com




Jackson Gango Starting out in black and white photography on his grandfather’s old film camera, Jackson grew up wanting to be a photojournalist. At some point between deciding to study computer engineering or photography, he discovered the moving image was more akin to what he was after as an artist. His love of atmosphere and lighting then followed during his years attending school in Chicago. He let his passion drive his experience to give directors and producers confidence that his interpretation of their vision exceeds their expectations. See more: www.jacksongango.com

Kevin Clark. Kevin has worked as a photojournalist and photo editor for newspapers throughout the Northwest. He has produced documentaries on the wild horses of Oregon and Samuel Boardman, the first state parks superintendent of Oregon. Kevin has spent the last several years exploring the high desert of eastern Oregon. See more: https://vimeo.com/kevinclarkvisuals

Devlin Holloway Devlin took his first pictures on his mother’s Kodak Brownie and began shooting the deserts of Eastern Oregon in 1968. A  retired hypnotherapist, it was a love of nature and the outdoors that led him to become a self-trained photographer. His intimate portraits of desert wildlife grace our 2018 Wild Desert Calendar, and you can find his hand-produced photo greeting cards at the Four Rivers Cultural Center Gift shop.

Tara Lemezis. Tara is a wildlife photographer based in Portland. She’s been photographing birds (mammals, wildflowers, and reptiles too!) and kicking up dust in Oregon’s high desert since 2013. She’s drawn to and inspired by this ecoregion for many reasons: the geologic wonder that is Steens Mountain, the seemingly endless sagebrush steppe, the Alvord Desert playa, stargazing into the darkest night skies you’ve ever seen, solitude, and the swaths of protected and public land along the Pacific Flyway, where over 320 bird species spend some part of their life cycle. See more on Instagram: @tinyseedphotography

Alan Majchrowicz is a professional nature and landscape photographer based in Bellingham, Washington. Alan’s photographs have been widely published in books, magazines, calendars, posters, major advertising campaigns, product designs, and by the tourism industry throughout the world. His fine art prints grace many corporate and residential venues. Alan spends considerable time every year traveling in search of outstanding imagery from the natural world. See more: http://alanmajchrowicz.com.

James Parsons James’ images will take you on a virtual journey the amazing state of Oregon – a state of “extremes.” Finding himself in remote parts of the state, often in inopportune weather, James captures unique still and time-lapse digital photographs. He has made a recent transition from his previous occupation designing artificial limbs for amputees to full-time dedication to photography, guiding, and conducting workshops. See more: www.extremeoregon.net

Tyler Roemer For more than a decade, this Oregon-based photographer has explored the globe—from Yosemite to the Japanese Alps to the Pacific Northwest—pursuing a singular passion: capturing genuine life moments in the outdoors with athletes at play. Tyler’s photographs have appeared in National Geographic, The New York Times, Men’s Journal, Rock & Ice and Outside Magazine, among others both editorial and commercial. Tyler also partners with nonprofit organizations like ONDA each year. See more: www.tylerroemer.com

Steve Roelof Steve’s passion evolved as a river and fly-fishing guide in Colorado’s high country. As an architect based in Portland, Oregon, he studies the form and function of landscapes. His admiration for the might and majesty of western rivers is illustrated in the light, color, and composition of his images. See more: www.westernriverimages.com

Barb Rumer Barb is an ONDA member who lives an active, adventurous lifestyle including cycling, hiking, skiing, and exploring the National Parks. She captures brilliant photos of landscapes and wildlife from sunup to sundown.


We have also enjoyed working with Kevin Grove, Jason Houston, Bruce Jackson, Jesse Laney, Mark Lisk, Kevin Smith, Dave Showalter, John Waller and many other talented filmmakers and photographers.