By submitting photos, I agree to the following:

  • I have full rights to the photograph(s) submitted.
  • If my photograph is selected for the cover of the Wild Desert Calendar, I understand that the Oregon Natural Desert Association will, at its own cost and in consultation with me, print my photo to promote the calendar and conservation objectives. I will provide a high resolution file for this specific purpose, and I will not be compensated for use of this image. Note: ONDA will never sell your photograph(s). Prints are used for display at events or as gifts at the discretion of ONDA staff.
  • I understand that my photograph(s) may be cropped, captioned, and otherwise edited.
  • I understand that Oregon Natural Desert Association will always use a photo credit whenever possible.

Submit your photos

Please label each photo with photographer's name and image location, ie. GeorgiaO'Keefe_Owyhee.jpg
I have read and agree to the above Oregon Natural Desert Association Wild Desert Calendar Image Release Agreement.
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