Stories from the Oregon Desert Trail

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Getting ready to go on a day-long, week-long or month-long adventure on the Oregon Desert Trail? You can learn so much by seeing how other people’s journeys have unfolded since this ambitious route made its debut in 2014. We promise you’ll pick up some solid advice and enjoy more than a few laughs from this collection of blog posts, videos and trip reports from different ODT trips.



Ryan “Dirtmonger” Sylva, ODT thru-hiker 2017

Ryan “Dirtmonger” Sylva, ODT thru-hiker 2017

“To me, it’s a thru-hike in an isolated place that promotes a conversation in land management, ethics and usage. Hiking across a vast and remote landscape and having a random and chance encounter with cowboys and hunters to discuss how ‘all of us’ should treat the land, how we all have a responsibility, no matter our political leanings, really showed me the pulse of the people in rural areas, especially here out west.”


Connecting Trails

Connecting Trails

The Oregon Desert Trail ties into two National Recreation Trails: the Fremont National Recreation Trail and Desert Trail.


Great Basin Spadefoot Toads – a sleepy chorus

Great Basin Spadefoot Toads – a sleepy chorus

  • The adventurer known as Douchpacker has both bikepacked and hiked sections of the route.

  • Oregon Desert Trail Coordinator Renee Patrick section hiked the entire route in 2016, including a "water alternate" packraft of the Owyhee, and also skied a short section of the route.

  • See the video section for more about Sage Clegg's biking portions of the ODT in 2013.

  • Runners can check out the videos above about Christof Teuscher's speed run of the ODT in 2015 & 2016, and Jeff Browning and Jesse Haynes trip in 2016.

  • Photo by Renee Patrick

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