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ONDA’s Wild Desert Calendar highlights the beauty of Oregon’s high desert

In 2004, a crew of motivated, scrappy and talented Oregon Natural Desert Association supporters dreamed up the idea of creating a photographic collection dedicated solely to the beauty of Oregon’s high desert. Thus, ONDA’s Wild Desert Calendar was born!


Durlin Hicock, Alice Elshoff Award winner

Durlin Hicock, Alice Elshoff Award winner

“Protecting public land is part of my spiritual being. It’s central to my identity to be in wilderness and to see it protected.” Durlin is proud to protect public lands for future generations, saying, “The highlight of my childhood was our family’s weekend outdoor trips. I look forward to my grandchildren having similar experiences outside in their lifetimes, and it wouldn’t be possible without ONDA.”




Badgers are generally nocturnal, but, in remote areas with no human encroachment, they are routinely observed foraging during the day. They prefer open areas with grasslands, which can include parklands, farms, and treeless areas with crumbly soil and a supply of rodent prey.

Badgers are born blind, furred, and helpless. Their eyes open at four to six weeks.

Latin name: Taxidea taxus


Stewardship Fence Building Timelapse

Stewardship Fence Building Timelapse

Greg Burke and Jim Davis, both of Bend, are dedicated photographers who were part of the team that originated the calendar. The quality of their work has drawn other artists to participate over the years, like Tyson Fisher, a professional artist based in Silverton, Oregon, and Christof Teuscher, who turns his passion to imagery when not working as assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at Portland State University.

Each edition of the calendar brings a new, spectacular visual feast. To celebrate new editions, ONDA hosts a Wild Desert Calendar release party each fall, where we debut the new cover image and display a more than a dozen stunning images, from the current year’s calendar and from previous years.

The Wild Desert Calendar is also a benefit of membership, and is mailed to all current ONDA members in mid-November.

Dozens of retail outlets around the state—ranging from Strictly Organic Coffee Company and GearFix in Bend to Powell’s Books in Portland—carry the calendar. It can also be purchased online directly from ONDA.

Davis says he’s proud of the role the calendar has played over the years in introducing others to the wonder of the high desert.

“These places in Oregon are wonderful, you just have to capture them,” says Davis. “The calendar provides a way to show how spectacular these places really are. It’s the only collection of photography dedicated solely to the Oregon desert.”

Learn more about the photographers who regularly contribute images to ONDA.