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Renee Patrick

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Beatys Butte Fenceline Retrofit #3

adel, or Adel, OR

Join ONDA to retrofit fence and help us improve an important migration corridor. Barbed wire fences present throughout the Beatys Butte area pose risks to wildlife. Low flying sage grouse are known to become entangled in standing fence, while pronghorn and other ungulates may be unable to cross the fence, limiting both their daily movement […]

Ruby Creek Riparian Planting

Ruby Creek (Malheur National Forest)

Riparian plantings are a great way to improve fish and wildlife habitat. They provide cooler water for native fish and increase a landscape's capacity to store and clean water. This project involves planting native riparian species such as willow and cottonwood along the banks of Ruby Creek, Bear Creek, and Butte Creek, all tributaries of […]