Proposed New Public Lands Rule

The Bureau of Land Management’s proposed new “Public Lands Rule” could be a win for Oregon’s high desert.

On March 30, 2023, the Bureau of Land Management announced an anticipated new proposed policy that seeks to balance resource use and development on public lands with conservation of wildlife, watersheds, cultural resources and other public values. The proposed new regulation would promote designation of Areas of Critical Environmental Concern, conservation of wildlife habitat connectivity, climate resilience, and tribal co-stewardship of public lands and resources west-wide. The proposal could be a big win for Oregon’s high desert. As just one example, public lands in the Greater Hart-Sheldon are renowned for providing essential habitat for pronghorngreater sage-grouse and pygmy rabbit. This landscape would certainly benefit from special designation, conservation of habitat connectivity and tribal input on management to protect the incredible flora and fauna found there.

Read the conservation community’s press release for more information about the proposed Public Lands Rule and its potential benefits for public lands in Oregon and across the West:

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