Sutton Mountain

At 4,700 feet tall, Sutton Mountain towers over the surrounding landscape. With a steep, craggy west side and a rolling, grassy eastern face, the mountain has a mysterious Jekyll and Hyde quality.

Sutton Mountain is home to bountiful wildflowers in the spring and vibrant herds of pronghorn, elk, and mule deer. Here solitude is as easy to come by as is a breathtaking vista. The recreational opportunities in this area will suit adventurous thrill-seekers and mellow nature enthusiasts alike.

Sutton Mountain is also the name ONDA gave to its proposal to protect 58,000 acres of public land in the John Day River Basin. Seeking to protect stand out wild lands that include the Wilderness Study Areas of Pat’s Cabin, Sand Mountain, and Dead Dog Canyon, this conservation initiative would protect lands that encircle the Painted Hills National Monument and support the fish and wildlife that depend on the John Day River.

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Both Wheeler County and the City of Mitchell, government entities in the area, have endorsed the Sutton Mountain Wilderness Proposal. Our plan is also supported by the whitewater rafting and boating communities, the Redmond Chapter of the Oregon Hunters Association, Central Oregon Flyfishers and is championed by Senator Jeff Merkley.